Junk mail mosaics

8 May

Dont know what to do with your junk mail?  I found this last night and my goodness they are just beautiful and shows that beauty is definately all around us you just need to look through a different set of eyes. I was on my way to take all my junk mail to the recycle bin but I got distracted when I saw my computer and decided to surf the net and found this work from a tweet so the junk mail is not in the bin and I think I might give this a go when I have some spare time.

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Sandhi Schimmel Gold the artist quotes:

“My work reflects our society’s obsession with beauty through advertising – and the endless images that bombard us daily. It is a purposeful intermix of images derived from advertising and thousands of incongruent pieces – images and text – from advertising that arrives through my mailbox. Assembled like a mosaic; the paper tiles create an entirely new image – an eclectic and tactile portrait reworked in my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste.”

Check out her work for more inspiration http://www.schimmelart.com/


2 Responses to “Junk mail mosaics”

  1. Penny May 9, 2011 at 4:56 am #

    This is a great idea! Reuse is better than recycle. I have plenty of junk mail and I wont get around to using it, not that you could use it all, but you can have it if you want!
    I love their hair, the colour choices are brilliant.

    • Cilla Poa-Heighway May 11, 2011 at 10:48 am #

      Thanks definately reuse is better than recycle. Thanks for the offer but I have so much junkmail here and I think we get daily delivery of them. I think that i will probably not attempt this until the next school holidays or next year. Aiming for this year.

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