Maryland Karere Misa – Cook Island Artist

13 Jun

I found another polynesian artist and she’s my cousin.  I have a very very big family and seriously you meet a new one all the time.  I did know Mary when I was much younger but you know Australia is such a big place that you just grow up in different circles.  The beauty of Facebook is that you find each other again and find out similarities once you start talking.  So here is some of Mary’s artwork and a little bit about her.

Polynesian Artist  – Maryland Karere

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1. If you studied art, where did you study?

I had always been interested in art but I became more serious about it in high school. So I studied every art related subject that my school had to offer- Ceramics, Graphics design, Photography, and Visual arts. Art continues to be a strong passion of mine.

2. Who is your favourite artist?

I don’t have any favorite artists. There are way too many to choose from but I do like the artists that push the boundaries of art.

3. What are your likes and dislikes in art & design?

I don’t like the people who decide that an artist’s work is not acceptable, I don’t like it when you become creatively stuck, and ART THEORY( even though I know it is helpful).  I love how art can take you through an emotional journey.

4. Who and what inspires you and your artwork?

There are so many things that inspire me for example just my everyday surroundings but my Polynesian background and its beauty has a strong influence on my work.


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