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Check out Raw Ink Magazine’s latest edition

16 Oct

Check out Raw Ink Magazine’s latest edition.  The online magazine was created this year by three talented young women from the Tweed Coast.  To view their magazine please click here.


Symbolic sculptures created from human ashes

21 Jul

I came across this during one of my net surfing sessions and although it is quite eery ts also very captivating.  If you are one of those that want to keep the ashes of your loved ones near you then this may be the thing for you.   Personally I’m one for letting my loved ones go but we are all different and thats what makes us all unique.

The artist, Wieki Somer, put all of these sculptures together in a series called “Consume or Conserve.”

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Check out the full article by Diana Adams on

No fair I wasn’t allowed to play with my food!

27 Jun

How awesome is this artwork using food that I found on the internet, there are some talented people out there in the world.  Anyone agree with me?

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Eggs, after you eat them do something with them.

23 Jun

Beautiful artwork made from eggshells.  People are so clever its great to see what can be done with imagination and skill.

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Family Tree Designs – What do you suggest?

15 Jun

I’m looking at designing a family tree for my family but I want it to look special, I had a search on the net for some inspiration and found these ones including some images of family tree tattoos.  If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment and suggest websites to look at?

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