Burger Kings Global Packaging Redesign

6 Nov

New York-based graphic designer and illustrator David Iglesias, of Tender Creative in Manhattan, redesigned the images on Burger King’s sandwiches, sides and ingredients as part of their global packaging reinvention. He also redesigned their existing icon system. The fast food giant wanted to expand its universal appeal by focusing more on bold illustrations and reducing the amount of text on their products. Iglesias’ designs helped to add more emphasis to Burger King’s popular menu items.

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Source: http://stocklogos.com/topic/burger-kings-global-packaging-redesign


Check out Raw Ink Magazine’s latest edition

16 Oct

Check out Raw Ink Magazine’s latest edition.  The online magazine was created this year by three talented young women from the Tweed Coast.  To view their magazine please click here.

“What is Life?”

14 Oct

Check out this Stop Motion Light Painting – “What is Life?” Every frame in this film was hand-drawn with lights & torches, and captured using long-exposure photography!

Festival Poster assignment – POLYFEST

7 Oct

Here is my latest assignment.

Brief: Choose a festival and create a poster, t-shirt and wristband for their next event in 2012.

The festival I chose is POLYFEST 2012, which is held in four locations, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Rotorua.  It is a music festival which showcases polynesian artists as well as food and culture from the islands that make up polynesia.

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Knitted Stools for Comfortable Winter Evenings

7 Sep

Claire-Anne O’Brien, a British textile designer designed the knitted stools. If you’re looking for exotic furniture with simple and fashionable designs, then knitted stools could be the best alternative to give consideration to. It includes of different sorts of knitted seat cushions, which seems to be stylish and contemporary as well as you’d really feel additional comfortable whilst sitting on it. Acquiring this kind of stools would make your winter night excellent and comfy. Those who are searching for contemporary and comfy stools, then knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien would be the best choice to choose, since it is comfortable each by seems and feel.

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Source: http://www.interiordesignsguide.com/furniture/knitted-stools-for-comfortable-winter-evenings

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